About Filmkultura


Established in 2013, Filmkultura is an association dedicated to education in the field of audiovisual culture and art. The projects and events of the association are aimed, in a broader sense, at audience development and non-formal education of children and youth. Apart from that, carefully designed programs seek to improve knowledge of students, critics, authors and other film professionals who actively consider contemporary cinematographic, poetic and social issues, as well as film culture, heritage and theory. Creative content dedicated to the widest audience, organized by Filmkultura over the years, include festivals

The Shortest Day and The Day of Domestic Film, while educational workshops such as My First Shot and How to Make a Film are intended for the youngest generation of motion picture art devotees; among them, a special place is occupied by Mini Film, a workshop for lower and higher primary school students, held in more than twenty cities throughout Serbia. Workshops such as The Short School of Short Film, How to Write a Screenplay and the two most recent ones - Critical Camp and After-School Film Club - were established as a training ground for high school students and as a place for critical dialogue and knowledge exchange in Serbia, as well as the countries of former Yugoslavia.


Filmkultura relies on the rich tradition of film clubs, some of which still successfully exist as refuges for filmophiles. Unlike the time when shooting equipment was not easily obtainable, today we are facing structurally different problems that need to be solved gradually, strategically and organically. These are, first of all, lack of critical analysis in the field of audiovisual media, primarily regarding film and television but also the increasingly present online media; an important issue is the shortfall in cinema culture, such as attending curated film programs and doing film research, but also the deficiency of training and creative collaboration workshops that accurately respond to the tangible challenges of young filmmakers. Filmkultura finds its place and purpose exactly there, mediating between ambitious creators and demanding audiences

to help shape this part of the cultural space. The goal of the association is therefore to educate the audiences and stimulate critical thinking towards the audiovisual contents, through the programs aimed at members of different age, ethnic, social and gender groups. Filmkultura achieves its intentions by implementing projects for training students, young authors and professionals in the field of audiovisual art, and providing incentives for cooperation among them. Its long-term goal Filmkultura sees in the introduction of film and media curriculum as an elective course in secondary education in Serbia; this can be done through connecting and cooperating with similar associations in the country and abroad, with the idea of ​​exchanging experiences and methods regarding educational schemes and programs


During the past years, Filmkultura has collaborated with leading names in the filmmaking industry, with colleagues, initiatives and institutions from the country and from the region. Some of our partners are the Yugoslav Cinematheque (National Film Archive of Serbia), Film Center Serbia, The Academic Film Center, Belgrade Cultural Center, Cultural Center of Novi Sad, Center E8, The Seanema Festival in Ulcinj, The Valjevo Cultural Network (VAKUM), Bašta Fest, European Film Festival Palić,

Cinedays Skopje, SOS Children's Village Kraljevo, House of Culture Čačak, Pančevo Film Festival, Open University Subotica, Cinema City and many more.Filmkultura consists of numerous members-friends, among whom there are more than a hundred film professionals coming from various spheres of activities and interests. The founders of the association are Andrijana Stojković, Jelena Stanković, Vanja Kovačević, Milan Stojanović, Marija Stojanović, Maša Seničić.



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Najkraći dan je manifestacija posvećena kratkometražnom filmu, koja se i ove godine, po sedmi put, održava 21. decembra, povodom proslave Svetskog dana kratkog filma, piše Filmski centar Srbije. Kako FCS navodi, manifestacija koju organizuje…

Kritični kamp na Bašta festu

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Maša Seničić

Program director and founder

Milena Šmigić

Director of the Association and director of The Shortest Day festival

Katarina Udovičić

Deputy director of the Association and director of The Shortest Day festival

Maša Seničić

Direktorka programa i osnivač

Milena Šmigić

Direktorka udruženja i direktorka festivala Najkraći dan

Katarina Udovičić

Zamenica direktora udruženja i direktorka festivala Najkraći dan