The Shortest Day is a film festival dedicated to short film and has been celebrated since 2012 in Serbia on the shortest day of the year – December 21. The festival is organized in Belgrade by association Filmkultura, as part of the world celebration of short film, gathering film lovers of all ages from Serbia and all over Europe. Year after year, the Shortest Day expands and improves its film and supporting program, which attracts more and more audiences with its quality and variety. Furthermore, the festival provides an opportunity for hundreds of student and amateur short  ilms to be screened in cinemas, with a special focus on young authors.
Traditionally, the festival's main program consists of a selection of short films that were nominated for best short film award by the European Film Academy for the award of this prestigious film institution. Additionally, the competition program is dedicated to films by
students and amateurs from several European countries.
The goals of the Shortest Day are:
– affirmation of promising film artists from Serbia and the region and their promotion on the
local and foreign film scene
– popularization of short film, presenting unique and contemporary films
– educating young people about the film industry and its art through familiarization with the form of short film.
According to these goals, the Shortest Day actively works on youth education by organizing numerous supporting programs during each edition of the festival, hosting some of the best local and foreign audio-visual authors. These programs come in the form of creative workshops, masterclasses, and networking gatherings. The Shortest Day is dedicated to film lovers of all ages, children, youth, experienced film professionals, as well as everyone who is ready to marathon-watch a selection of the best local and foreign short films. Long live the Shortest Day


The Shortest Day film festival, through three selections, presents short films by authors from the Balkan region and Europe. In the form of a movie marathon, the Shortest Day recapitulates the most important events in the world of short films of the previous year, with the aim of revealing them to the domestic audience and showing off the new, bold authorial voices.
The selection of short films by the European Film Academy (EFA) is a unique opportunity for the domestic audience to watch a wide selection of films qualified for the European Film Academy Award, and in that way to watch movies – the winners of the most important film festivals in Europe such as Cannes,Berlin, Venice and Locarno.
The student selection focuses on the bravest and the most honest student films from the region, who interpret the world in an innovative way and face the unusual and the burning topics.
Through the amateur selection, we want to present the audience with raw and fresh short films by the authors from the region, with an absolute focus on research and playing with film language, without taking into account any production or technical qualities, but solely a bold author’s idea.
The Shortest Day is the unique and the last opportunity of the year for the audience to watch the most daring short films by young European authors and thus mark the celebration of the short film and to extend the shortest day of the year.


The student selection is part of the competition program that the Shortest Day dedicates to students of film, audio-visual arts and authors who made a film with the during their studies and with the support of their university. The festival strives to create a space where the audience can watch student films from several European countries. Therefore, the festival aims to keep its audience keep well-informed of trends set by young authors, topics and stories that interest them which they convey in the form of the seventh art. In this category, the award for the Best Student Short Film is handed.


The amateur selection is part of the competition program that the Shortest Day dedicates to all film enthusiasts and amateurs who have no formal education in the field of film and audio- visual arts and who have not produced the film during their studies or with support of their university. The selection of amateur films comes from several European countries and focuses on young authors, although the selection is open to all film lovers.
In this category, the award for the Best Amateur Short Film is handed.


The rich supporting program is one of the audience's favorite segments of the Shortest Day.
Every year, the festival organizes educational workshops and lectures, as well as supporting
events in the form of networking gatherings and parties. Since the beginning, we hosted a
scores of local and foreign film professionals who shared their knowledge and experience in
all stages of working on short films. We gathered friends of the festival, created new friends
and collaborations, and spread the word about the uniqueness and importance of the short form.
Some of the supporting programs that took place in the organization of the Shortest Day:


Nađa Petrović

Art director

Milena Šmigić

Direktorka udruženja i direktorka festivala Najkraći dan

Katarina Udovičić

Zamenica direktora udruženja i direktorka festivala Najkraći dan